Cataclysm Leveling Guide for Warriors

Published: 28th February 2011
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Warrior Leveling Guide Wow

Cataclysm has finally arrived; the long awaited third expansion of World of Warcraft. So as with all expansions, more levels,zones, raids, dungeons, spells, races, quests & new modifications. Warriors since the start of world of warcraft vanilla have been a super popular class, because they offer both good dps and tanks.

Like with any other expansion what comes first is the leveling towards the new level cap, which is 85 in Cataclysm. So Warriors have 3 talents trees like all classes and they are Protection(prot), Fury & Arms.

So as you would expect with a warrior all the talents are viable and they are good but which is the one that will make you hit 85 the fastest, come and I will explain which is the best and why. The rule we follow is: "The faster the creatures die and the lower the down time the faster you will level" a basic rule but it works. Both of the dps specs have high damage output but which is better arms or fury? Protection is a tanking spec. As Protection you will never die and therefore will have no downtime, while still having a good amount of dps output, and of course lets not forget that you never have to wait for a que when dungeons need to be done.

Fury or Arms

Basically the way warrios work is Arms is for PvP and Fury is the PvE spec, of course if your on a PvP realm and you think you want to gank or will get ganked allot then Arms, also if you wanted to level in battle grounds then Arms, but of course arms has allot of PvP stuff that you don't need for grinding and killing mobs, so you really need to think about what you need to do and how you want to play. Furyis great for self healing and doing allot of damagem and it is for this reason that it is a betterleveling spec. Up to level 70 the difference between fury and arms is marginal but after level 70 and especially after level 80 fury pulls out ahead of arms. For leveling as a fury warrior you should spec something like this:

Fury and protection

Protection is a tanking spec and is behind on dps, when comparing it to fury, but everyone would have guess that right? However keep in mind that as protection you will have no down time at all. With Cataclysm changes tanks attack power is increased with the number of enemies that are damaging him. This small change will allow you to pull several enemies at a time and AE them quickly while still taking very low damage. Fury has the best single target damage and you will be able to take down single targets allot faster. Both are great but if you want a protection build try follow this one:

Recommended spec is fury for standard leveling, pulling one or two enemies at a time, where protection allows more AE leveling, which is also very good and will speed up your leveling but slow it down a bit when it comes to 1v1 combat. Arms is great for PvP and therefore is great for PvP realms but will lose in leveling speed once you hit 70, when comparing it to arms. You should always keep in mind that having a good off spec tanking build is an excellent idea if you plan on running random dungeons while leveling. Queue time is usually the shortest if you queue as a tank. But keep in mind that you play this game for fun and do so, o if protect sounds fun or ganking people as Arms is your style do it, it's all about enjoyment.

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